Personal Training


Hong Kong Personal Trainer

Private Training is an exclusive service designed for the 1% committed to live their life to the fullest.

Limited to a small number of committed individuals, who are not settled with a mediocre body and mindset. A personal trainer can lead you on a journey of knowing your body to the deepest level, and transcending this most precious gift of life to a level which others could only dream of.

Create a body that you can live in comfortably for a lifetime

You will work closely with personal trainer Czon on a scheduled basis, to unlock any restrictions in your body and mind, giving you more options and freedom physically and emotionally.  For many of the top successful executives, entrepreneurs and individuals, this is the last piece of the puzzle to an even more fulfilling life and to unleash the full potential, in their business, career, and relationships.

This journey will radically change your life!

To uphold the quality of this service, Czon would only take up a limited number of personal trainer Hong Kong clients at any one time.

Currently Czon is not accepting any more Personal Training clients until further notice.

Register your interest below. Upon receiving your information, there will be a questionnaire for you to fill out, to assess if you are suitable for this service of our personal trainer in Hong Kong.


"I have been seeing Czon for the last 5 years and I feel younger, healthier and happier year after year. Czon does not only understand what is good for your body but also what is good for your mind. She can literally stretch your mind and open it to new territories.

Be careful – extremely addictive!"

— Patrick, Banker

"Czon is an excellent teacher and personal trainer. She has a really deep, specialized knowledge of stretching and yoga, and is able to apply that knowledge to address each student’s particular needs. She brings her natural positive spirit to each training session, which is always fun!"

— Peter, CEO

“A journey to genuinely understand your body! Every training is a challenge to your mind and body, but I guarantee the hard work will reflect through performance enhancement on the sports you do!”

— Jen, Boxer