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Roll Stretch

Deep Relaxation for Fascia

*Workshop presented in Cantonese only*

Roll Stretch is a method under the ST System which targets full body fascia, to undo knots and long-held tension that may not have yielded to other approaches.  Every tight spot in the body can be given a workout, including the internal organs!

At this 3-hour fascial Stretch Therapy Hong Kong workshop, I will…

  • Utilise massage balls (hard and soft), dowels of different material and thickness, foam rollers and other tools to soften and realign fascia – one of the most important substances in our body;

  • Combine the familiar stretching techniques with additional emphasis on myofascial release for Hong Kong students. Breathing and relaxing consciously in the process could magnify all effects.

  • Improve your range of motion and mobility!

  • Practice an easy routine to improve your sleeping quality!

  • A full guide to fully experience myofascial release for Hong Kong students, and have a thorough understanding of your body!


We have condensed this fascial stretch therapy Hong Kong workshop into 3 hours, to make it more accessible by people with a busy schedule!


Click below for the latest workshop dates!

Original Price: $1000

Early Bird Special: $860

Enrol immediately and we will give you a massage ball for FREE!  (RRP: $40),

so you can practice as soon as you get home!

*first time participants only*

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A few words about fascia by Our Founder Kit Laughlin:

“Generally, we have found that the more of the body you can involve in any stretch, the more the fascial aspect is emphasised.


Recent research has shown that all of the conventional neural structures of muscles and tendons (Ruffini, Golgi, Pacini, and undifferentiated) is found in fascia, too, and far from fascia being ‘inert ground substance’, as it was when I was taught anatomy and physiology, fascia is now being considered as a sensory organ itself. 


Google Schleip, R, for many references to this fascinating substance.”

About Us

Developed by Kit Laughlin in Australia, Stretch Therapy (ST) is a safe, yet extremely efficient, way to improve your flexibility.


The goals are grace and ease, and this is experienced as enhanced awareness and elegance in movement.


ST is a comprehensive system that includes stretching, strengthening, neural repatterning, relaxation and fascial remodelling.

Our classes and workshops are taught by Kit Laughlin’s mentee and ST Senior Teacher, Czon Wong.


Hurry! Spaces are limited!

Click below for the latest workshop dates!

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