ST Performance Workshop

- Pancake


*Class available in Cantonese only*


ST Performance Workshop - Pancake

Pancake is a commonly used "pose" or "movement" by gymnasts, dancers, yogi, pole dancers, martial artists and bodyweight training enthusiasts, which requires significant active and passive flexibility.

In this workshop, we will focus on guiding participants towards this goal with effective, easy and safe stretching routines.

The 'Pancake' involves sitting on the floor with legs spread wide, then bending forward and placing the torso flat on the floor – pubic bone/abdomen/ribs/chest/arms, in that order – via flexion at the hip, not of the spine.

In this 3 hours workshop…

I will guide the participants towards this goal by using effective, simple and safe stretching routines.

The workshop will covers stretching exercises essential to perform a pancake, such as:

  • Solo and partner stretch

  • Fascia release

  • Limbering

  • Partial poses

  • And the final full pose

Technique use will include Contract-Relax, Pulsing, Ballistics and etc.

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