Stretch Therapy


*Workshop presented in Cantonese only*


Ask yourself this before you do your usual stretching routine again…

Has your routine been effective?

I believe you would have encountered the following, and had attempted to find a solution…

I cannot relax during a stretch…

I am not making any progress…

I am not feeling any stretching sensation…

I have tried different things to ease this pain, but none is working…

I am quite flexible… What's next?

Stretch Therapy is the answer!

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I burst out crying!!.... It was 2014 when my lower back pain hit me the worst… I was two blocks away from home…   It was so bad that I was stuck at the same spot for 20 minutes…. The moment I thought of how it would affect my work and daily life, tears started rushing out…


Like many people, I did too have some issues with my body that bothered me for a long time…. I seriously injured my lower back during a yoga practice in 2009, and it has never been fully recovered since then. As a yoga teacher and personal trainer myself, I found it frustrating and ironic as I was not being able to help myself!


It was until I attended a stretching class by my now Mentor Kit Laughlin. In a short three day period, I had the greatest relief on my lower back, and very soon the pain had left me forever!  At the same time, I defeated all the doubts and fear, and was able to get into two yoga poses which I thought would take a year of practice at least!


After the class I had a whole new perspective on stretching, the method was simple and safe yet truly effective!  That was the most amazing gift and I know that I need to, and have the responsibility to bring this stretching class to Hong Kong.  Since then I have invested over 500 hours following Kit Laughlin and Olivia Allnutt in Australia, United Kingdom and Singapore, to learn and master the method, and it was my honour to become the first Senior Teacher in Asia. Then along with my partner, we set up Stretch Therapy Hong Kong.


Apart from my own workshop and classes, I can also be found teaching stretching in Hong Kong local mass media as well!

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In this 6 hours stretching class, I will…

  • Tell you the 3 most common stretching mistakes so you won’t waste your time again!

  • Teach you an effective daily routine which only takes 10 minutes to do!

  • Tell you the most important secret in stretching!

  • Teach you how to stretch different body parts in a safe and effective manner!

  • Help you to relax your muscles and fascia!

  • Improve your mobility and range of motion!

  • Help you to relax and sleep better!

  • Guide you to get to know your body like you never did before!


Let’s see the results of some of our Stretch Therapy HK students!


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Most of the knee pains gradually get away


"For the past year, I have been suffering from knee pains like other distance runners, and wondering if I have to step down from running. Though I am not a novice athlete, I have not stretching systematically, and consider that the knee problem may due to natural aging and excessive running (about 15-20km a week).


As I have an imminent marathon run going to take place in a month’s time, I have joined the Czon's 'Stretch Therapy Workshop for Runners' to get a short relief so that I can continue my training temporarily.  


The workshop starts with dynamic movements, which I usually did. Then we came to some runner specific stretching to the foot, calf, thigh and hip. With proper protection setting and the assistance of my partner, I can stretch deep to my rectus femoris. My legs feel light and more grounded; the movement in my knee did improve after the exercise learnt from the workshop. I keep stretching regularly and can resume a proper running posture as most of the knee pains gradually get away. After practicing for a month, I can complete my full marathon swiftly.


Being a runner, I would recommend learning techniques through Stretch Therapy to understand more about our body behaviour and improve our running posture and flexibility eventually. "

— Wai Chung, Runner

Truly amazed how simple stretching is smoothing not only to the body

but also the mind!


"I joined Stretching Therapy Workshop after taking Czon's yoga class for just under a year. The workshop covers simple but very effective exercises that aim to release tension from head to toe. The professional guidance and explanation were particularly useful for me and helped me to understand how my habits and postures may be causing stress to my body without knowing. Truly amazed how simple stretching is smoothing not only to the body but also the mind.  I would recommend Stretch Therapy Workshop to anyone who is looking into learning more about their body and developing healthy lifestyles through stretching!"

— Winkii Lau

Free myself from the hectic life!


"It is good to join a full day workshop doing stretching without distraction. The tension on my shoulder and my back had improved a lot!... I do not feel the pain I felt before. For sure... the pain will accumulate as time goes by and that is why I need to join the Stretch Therapy Workshop more often to free myself from the hectic life!"

— Regina Au Yeung

Would you like to…

Be able to move freely, with grace and ease irrespective of your age?

Correct your postures, reduce the risk of injury, or even improve sports performance?

Ease your bodily pain, or even make it disappear?

Do specific yoga poses gracefully, or won a better split?

Find your inner peace in this chaotic world?

Stretch Therapy has already helped thousands of people around the world to improve their body and mind…


Will you choose to ignore or give up your body?

Or will you take a step towards a better and healthier self?


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