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Stretch Therapy
Zoom Workshop
*Class available in Cantonese only*


Stretch Therapy Zoom Workshop

A new two-hour online Stretch Therapy Zoom Workshop, targeting different body parts each time.  I will guide you to fully relax as well as releasing stress and body tension by using different ST and Roll Stretch techniques.

Many of the stretches and relaxation techniques that we use can be easily practised at home, so you can get a good quality sleep after work!

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In this 2 hour ST Zoom Workshop, I will:

  • Teach you how to stretch different body parts in a simple, safe and effective manner!

  • Help you to relax your muscles and fascia!

  • Help you to improve your mobility and range of motion!

  • Help you to relax and sleep better!

  • Guide you to get to know your body like you never did before!

Click below for the latest workshop dates!

Original Price: $688

Early Bird Special: $588

(Register & Pay 2 Weeks Before Workshop)